Thursday, 30 October 2014

Stop the cuts in the news

Anyone in WSFRS who is feeling frustrated by being told not to comment publicly, you can always use the comments section of the online versions of local newspapers. 

Any WSCC or WSFRS story can be used to get your views across. You just have to register and you can make up your own username, so only the newspaper will know who you are. 

Keep it legal and your identity will remain safe. Here is my latest in the West Sussex County Times (scroll down on that page for the comments).

Well done to Dave West for a great letter in this week's Chichester, Midhurst & Petworth, and Bognor Regis Observers. BBC should be filming in Midhurst today, so watch BBC South Today. Not sure when it will be on, but we might even see Dave in action.

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