Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Newspaper coverage continues

Just some examples of how on line versions of newspapers provide opportunities to keep the issue alive in their comments section:

Nick Herbert MP

Francis Maude MP

WSCC Flood Prevention

Plus another example of newspapers picking up on the story:- 

Fire service cuts condemned
Monday, 10 November 2014

WEST Sussex Fire and Rescue 'Stop the Cuts' campaigner Tony Morris has condemned the county council’s decision to cut the service budget by £1.6m as a “death sentence”. 

A motion to overturn the decision by Michael Jones, the Labour member for Crawley, was rejected by 28 councillors. 

The cuts include the loss of two fire engines at Midhurst and Petworth, and the loss of three firefighters at both Bognor and Chichester. 

For full story, see this week's Liphook Herald.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Remembrance a time to reflect on future as well as past

A well written and thought provoking article in the West Sussex Gazette

"Indeed I am still rather amazed that ‘savings’ of £1.6 million have been passed by West Sussex Country Council for its Fire services without much in the way of anger. Whilst others nod in understanding at the outrage in the adjustment of working lifetimes and pensions to Firefighters."

Saturday, 8 November 2014

The fight goes on

Just a quick update in case people are concerned that I have not posted lately. The fight continues and a lot is going on in the background. Discussions have been taking place with interested parties on next steps, evidence is being gathered and correspondence has been continuing.

I won’t go in to detail as our suspicions that WSFRS/WSCC are monitoring social media have now been confirmed. They are clearly very worried by anyone who dares to express a different point of view, or exposes information they thought was hidden, or highlights the flaws in their proposed cuts.

They hope that we will get fed up and stop fighting. They are going to be disappointed!