Thursday, 30 October 2014

BBC South News coverage

I have emailed the BBC as they are still falling for the consultation deception about 'Horsham's 3rd fire engine moving to Littlehampton'. Of course it is actually one of the five being cut.

Interesting that all of the people they interviewed in Midhurst said the cuts were wrong. As one lady said 'they take no notice of what we say, and they just do it anyway'.

WSFRS had fed them the number of times the 2nd at Midhurst turned out this year, but not how many times it was needed. That of course is higher and the failure to get a crew on occasions directly results from their deliberate under crewing (establishment 15, just 3 more than a 1 pump station) and the new RDS contracts.

Lee Neale had the gall to mention the predictive data and then claim people would be safe. Of course he did not mention the additional and unnecessary death every other year and the £80,000+ of additional and unnecessary property damage that are predicted.

He also did not mention that fire deaths were falling in the UK, but that they have risen every year in West Sussex since he and Sean Ruth joined WSFRS in 2009! He mentioned the changes being based on professional judgement, so the increase in fire deaths must just be a coincidence then I suppose.

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