Tuesday, 30 September 2014

UKIP support putting West Sussex residents in greater danger

I have today heard from the UKIP Opposition Leader on WSCC. He says that there is nothing they can do! He says, "The assurances that satisfactory fire and emergency cover will remain in place after these changes, look sound". That sounds just as hollow as Neville Chamberlain's 'peace for our time' claim just before World War 2. 

Never mind the lack of evidence to support that 'assurance', never mind the increase in fire deaths, never mind the widespread public concern, never mind the hundreds of serving and former firefighters who are convinced that fire and emergency cover will not be satisfactory, never mind the increased response times that will put lives and property at risk, just bury your heads in the sand and keep your fingers crossed.

UKIP have shown their true colours, like the Tories, they are happy to sacrifice lives in West Sussex.

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  1. Just to update this post, UKIP did the right thing in the end and voted against the cuts, as did the Labour and Liberal Democrat County Councillors. Just the majority of Conservative County Councillors who are happy to put West Sussex residents and visitors in greater danger.