Sunday, 25 June 2017

Louise Goldsmith and the Grenfell Tower Tragedy

Leader of the County Council, Louise Goldsmith, has commented on the Grenfell Tower tragedy in her blog - 

Pulling together in a time of emergency

I have posted a comment, but that needs to be approved before anyone can see it. Just in case it is censored, my comments are reproduced below:

"You are quite right that our emergency services pull together in a time of emergency. It is just a shame that you and your colleagues have made it harder for them to do that. If County Councillors pulled together to keep us safe, then the number of firefighters, fire engines and fire stations would not have been cut.

With fewer firefighters on each fire engine, they must take more risks, must work even harder, and will inevitably take longer to carry out the rescue, or fight the fire. With a 24% cut in fire crews, fire engines are taking longer to arrive, especially in rural areas and when several crews are needed. It is not good enough to praise them, whilst failing to provide them with the resources they need.

It is reassuring that high-rise buildings are now being inspected, but worrying that cuts have seen fewer regular fire safety inspections, especially where multiple lives may be at risk. If politicians learn anything from the Grenfell Tower tragedy, I hope it is that more thought is given when considering what may seem like mundane funding decisions. The wrong decisions made in a safe committee room can later have the most tragic consequences for the very people the politicians should be protecting.   

For the record, it is London Fire Brigade, not London Fire and Rescue Service."

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