Monday, 14 March 2016

PCC apology and "super duper" 6x6 fiasco continues

Well credit to Katy Bourne, the Conservative Police & Crime Commissioner, who has now replied to my email. She has apologised for the delay in replying and for getting the information on the Sussex Fire Control wrong.

Just goes to show that, unlike those at WSCC, there are some Conservatives with the integrity to apologise when they get it wrong.

I wonder when David Barling will apologise for his "super duper" 6x6? Latest reports suggest that even after a significant rebuild it is still a disaster. Not overweight on the front axle, now the water tank has been moved, but overweight on the rear axles!

Someone within WSCC or WSFRS should be held responsible for this expensive fiasco.

Photo courtesy of W H Bence

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