Friday, 23 January 2015

A Conservative who cares about the public

It seems that not all Conservatives are hell bent on cuts that will put the public at risk - "Two thirds support policing precept increase" in Sussex.

I am not a great fan of Police & Crime Commissioners, but it seems they are prepared to give the public the choice of paying a little more to protect their services. 

Unlike West Sussex Conservatives, who are happy to sacrifice the lives of some residents, just so they can say 'we have not increased Council Tax'. We knew the WSCC consultation on the fire cuts was a sham when residents were denied the option to pay a little more to avoid cutting fire engines and firefighters. Had the public been given that option I am sure there would have been as much, if not more, support for their fire and rescue service. 

It also seems that the police in Surrey and Hampshire will be protected from extra cuts. 

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